We are happy that you’ve chosen to visit us! Enjoy the tranquility and the pulse of nature in the fantastic and beautiful surroundings of Ramkvilla. Here you will find it easy to experience as well solitude, as the creativity and the service-mindness of the local people. Relax and enjoy one or several of the many attractions and sights the area has to offer, or make plans to participate in one of the many activities provided by the local entrepreneurs.

Stay, eat and have conference
Ramkvilla Camping
Ramkvilla Camping is situated beautifully by the lake Klocksjön, right next to the bathing place, golf course and tennis court. It offers caravan/trailer sites with electricity and a service house with simpler bathroom and cooking facilities. Within walking distance you’ll find the grocery store. The camping is run by the golf club.

In Ramkvilla and the surroundings there are several cottages for rent of different size and prices. These belong to private persons but can alos be found at different agencies. For more information contact these agencies or the tourist information.

Tourist information +46 (0)474 – 440 500 info@ramkvilla.com
Puttes lanthandel, grocery store
In Putte’s well-assorted grocery store, ICA-Nära, you’ll find just about everything you’ll need for daily use. Putte also offers catering with an assortment of Swedish sandwich layer-cake (smörgåstårta), open-faced sandwich (landgång) and filled picnic basket.

Putte’s country shop is also pharmacy/chemist where you can hand in your prescription and pick up your medicine three days later. Also representative for Svenska Spel, Sweden’s largest gaming company.

The lakes around Ramkvilla are great if you enjoy fishing or just sitting in a boat on the calm and gentle waters. There is mainly pike and perch in the waters but occasionally you might get an implanted salmon trout on the hook. You can buy a fishing license for Klocksjön and Örken at Putte’s country shop or at the Tourist information, where they also have rowing boats for rent.

Ramkvilla golf club is a full length golf course with nine holes. The club offers both memberships through the Swedish Golf Federation and pay and play possibilities. The layout of the courses draws both beginners and the most experienced golfers. The golf club’s office hours varies on the time of the season and is therefore easiest to reach by telephone or e-mail. You can find a lot of information on our website, www.ramkvillagolf.com

Phone: +46 (0)474 440 500

Ramoa – Activity and nature in Småland, Sweden
In the Adventure village you will find;
Giant Tipi where we have room for 24 persons sleeping. We also use this tent for conferences.
Timber roof where there is room for 40 persons sitting by giant wooden tables. Here we also have a fireplace.
Adventure path is a grabble path where we performa som of our activities.
Foot ball golf Course with 9 holes starts by the Large Wilderness spa and ends at the Café.
The Café is one of the attractions. Here you can have a cup of coffee, rent bikes and canoes, book events and enjoy the surroundings.
Large Wilderness spa with a 90 m2 large wooden deck in two levels providing entrance to the lake.  The Sauna seats 20 persons and the wooden Hot tub holds 10 persons.
Small Wilderness spa is the small wilderness spa places directly in the nature. Just a Sauna, a Hot tub, a seating group and access to the waterfront.


Hiking and biking
In the beautiful nature surrounding Ramkvilla there are great possibilities to walk or cycle. There are four market hiking trails between four and ten km long. Furthermore there are four market routes for cycling that passes through a variety of terrains and scenery. So there is plenty to see along the way. You can hire the bicycles at the Tourist information. All the trails and routes start and stops at Putte’s country shop where you can buy a picnic basket to bring along. Brochures and maps with tips of places worth seeing, you can find at the Tourist information.

Ramkvilla Tourist information + 46 (0)474 440 500, info@ramkvilla.com